Dr. Eddie Al Halasa shares his thoughts on the CS 8100 3D

“During my residency in endodontics, I earned my master’s degree on researching the accuracy of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in detecting periradicular pathology. During this period, I was exposed to all types of CBCT machines and I learned about their limitations and capabilities. After graduation, I started researching the available technology in the market, and I couldn’t find any machine that suited my needs better than Carestream Dental’s CBCT systems. 

I do a lot of endodontic retreatment. With my Carestream Dental CBCT system, I can see—with great precision—what has gone wrong with the previous treatment. In situations like this, if I were to treat using only 2D images, I might cause unnecessary destruction of the tooth structure to ‘seek out’ the etiology of the concern. But with the slice-by-slice views—and with the slice thickness as low as 75 microns—I can see a level of anatomical detail that is amazing. I can detect infections that are not visible in 2D, due to the superimposition of cortical bone and other roots, as well as hidden anatomy. I am able to perform all of my surgical procedures with confidence and accuracy because I can clearly see all vital anatomical structures and avoid any unnecessary damage.

For patients with vague symptoms, this technology is invaluable and facilitates the creation of a clear and confident diagnosis. Patient education is greatly improved with CBCT imaging. I am a big proponent of making sure my patients thoroughly grasp their procedure before I proceed. To facilitate their understanding, I use a big-screen TV that enables patients to see their anatomy in lifelike 3D images as I review them. An educated patient can make an informed decision, and there’s nothing better than that.

In addition to the enormous diagnostic implications, the system is extremely user friendly. It’s very easy to work with. And I doubled my referral base by using this technology. I simply cannot practice endodontics without my Carestream Dental CBCT system.”

— Eddie Al Halasa, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Rancho Mirage Endodontics

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